Green Knight Dechlorinator

The Green Knight Hydroponic Dechlorinator filter is designed to 
reduce Free Available Chlorine (FAC) in tap water when filling
hydroponic nutrient tanks. Depending on the pH of the water
it may reduce chloramine compounds also. Chloramine
reduction is less effective on highly alkalized water.
The Green Knight is a noncartridge filter which attaches
to your hose bib with our
specially designed 3 foot vinyl
reinforced hose saver. The
Green Knight contains 2 lbs of
KDF®-55 atomized brass (redox
material), 2 oz of Rainshow’r®
energized Crystal to reduce water
cluster size, 0.6 oz (approximately 1800
linear feet of surface area) of KDF® formula 73 brass
filament for destabilizing the bond between chlorine and
ammonia. Also included is a 1.5 inch polyester Pre-filter to
trap particular matter thereby increasing media performance
and efficienc
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