Fertilizer Injector for small gardens & GT2

Over many years, tests have concluded that applying liquid fertilizer on a regular basis is much more beneficial to a plant than being fed infrequently with a dry, granular form of fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is absorbed far more easily by a plant’s root system, and there are no leftover residues or minerals that can, over a period of prolonged use, damage a plant or lawn. You may also want to consider dispensing a wetting agent to help breakup compacted soil, compost tea to increase microorganisms in the soil, micro-nutrients and Vitamin Institute’s SUPERthrive containing vitamins and hormones for healthier plants, and Vitamin B-1 when transplanting trees and shrubs. Why is liquid fertilizer recommended? Because studies have shown that all fertilizers must be in liquid form before they can be absorbed by plants. The properties of liquid fertilizers are far different from dry forms (such as time-release pellets) by the manner in which they move through the soil and become available to plants and grass. Liquid fertilizer (which includes water soluble fertilizer that has been premixed with water) is faster and superior to dry forms when applied in frequent, small amounts. This enables plants to absorb the nutrients before they are washed away. This also means that there are no stress periods of high and low levels of fertilizer which inhibit growth, and no leaching can take place by over watering, which might contaminate natural waters.

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